Susan Flaig
Abstracted Mixed Media Paintings



The content and message in my work is very simple: I am inspired by music, literature and

my love of gardening to produce an essential response to what I see, hear and read.


I am not interested in painting in a detailed or realistic manner, but am motivated to find the essence of my subjects through spontaneity and gesture. I hope that viewers and collectors of my work will react to my paintings with some delight, and recognize the familiar painted with a unique style and vision, and interpret my paintings in a personal way.


I have been influenced by many painters, but particularly appreciate the work of Samuel Palmer, JM Turner, Joaquin Sorolla, James McNeill Whistler, John Singer-Sargent, Pierre Bonnard, Gustav Klimt, Paul Klee, and Odilon Redon.


Colour and texture are integral to my painting, and I work primarily with acrylics, layering and applying paint with any tool, brush or even fingers to reach a desired effect. I use graphite sticks to produce gestural marks, and also to create tonal effects. I am exploring mixed media and collage, which is leading me to develop different imagery.


My work can be found in homes and offices in many places around the world, including Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

Corporate Collections include:

The Keg, The Bank of Newport,Oregon, Hytek Mechanical Inc.


Awards include:

NWS 1996 Award with Silver Star



BA Visual Arts, University of Victoria, B.C. Canada

BFA Hornsey College of Art (Middlesex Polytechnic, UK

Post Graduate Certificate in Art Education, Reading University, UK